The Yarra Valley Tree

‘The Yarra Valley Tree’ is a twelve month series inspired by ‘The Balliang Tree‘, although the intent is quite different. This series is more outward looking and explores variations in the landscape with time.

The combination of colour, light and pattern seems almost endless and careful observation was often needed to choose a moment of interest from a fluid landscape. Seconds can be as significant as seasons.

The final image captures the effects of smoke haze from one of the largest bush fires in recorded history, and despite my misguided desire for a different kind of light on the day, it is a record of much more significance.

The following month, COVID-19 arrived and travel was restricted. The series would not have been possible had I started the project a month or so later. I’m grateful to have completed this twelve month series which is also a timely reminder of the meaning of a year.

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John Hardiman