Visual thinking

Monet Impression Sunrise

Painters begin a mastery of colour from the very first brush stroke, a painting could never be created without this physical experience.  Colour is chosen and mixed on the palette and is not easily changed once applied, an awareness of colour develops early in the process.  Photographers on the other hand have colour presented at …

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I’ve usually seen composition taught as a set of principles based on geometry or colour to describe the structure of a picture.  Apparently the rule of thirds will make better pictures, so will S bends or diagonals, I think these are nice simplifications but I’d prefer to go deeper and ask ‘why?’ Rather than ‘telling’ …

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Composition 4

Balance is the way we perceive the visual weight of space and objects within an image, and how they fit together.  There’s no set rule how an image should be balanced, rather the balance is perceived or felt.   For example, an object in the foreground can balance with an object in the background, but …

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John Hardiman