Nikon D850 and Panasonic S1R

The Panasonic S1R has joined the full frame mirrorless camera club, with an extraordinary 187 megapixel high resolution mode.  I’ve had a look and share my thoughts. The S1R is really a 47 megapixel camera.  To create an image of 187 megapixels, a series of eight images are captured with the sensor shifted by half …

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It’s only natural to compare yourself against ‘better’, whatever that means, and when it comes to photography gear, medium-format promises more than the humble DSLR’. So I’ve headed out into the landscape for a couple of days with a Fujifilm GFX-50s in one hand, and my Nikon D850 in the other, to find out if …

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Taken with Canon EOR R

I had a chance to use Canon’s new EOS R mirrorless this week and was reminded of something…..the latest technology doesn’t always make for better gear. Mirrorless cameras have been around for years already, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm & others all have well established mirrorless systems which can make great DSLR alternatives, so there’s …

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Sigma Quattro

‘Dad, why did you get such a disgusting looking camera!’ is what came from my seven year old’s mouth when the little Sigma Quattro arrived.  It’s since become known as the ugly duckling in the family. For the last few months I’ve been shooting with the little Sigma Quattro dp0 and dp2 besides a Nikon D810, with a long lens …

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John Hardiman